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Two-storey house with 5000 sq.m. yard


The "Proper Homes" agency offers you a house with a large yard in the village of Gozdeika, located in the Dryanovo Balkan, 19 km. southwest of Veliko Tarnovo and 11 km from the town of Dryanovo.


The house is structurally sound, with a solid roof and an area of 120 sq. m.

The first floor has the following layout: Basement, kitchen with living room and bathroom. The second floor has three bedrooms, a corridor and a panoramic terrace. Access between floors is via internal stone steps.


The yard is 5280 sq.m., with stone walls and year-round access via an asphalt road. It has a summer kitchen, 150 sq.m. completely stone barn, with a solid stone roof (with tiles), 130 sq.m. saivant with furnace, outdoor toilet and bathroom, and other outbuildings.


The property has a panoramic view, located in an ecologically clean and quiet area, with many eco-trails and historical sights.

It is suitable for your own home, guest house, for installing a photovoltaic plant and others.


For additional information and inspections, please contact us on tel.: +359879836888 and quote Ref. No. 5392001.

  • Details:

    Inhabited place: Gozdeika village

    Area: High part

    Property type: Two-storey house

    Construction type: Brick

    Year under construction: 1940

    Bedrooms: 3

    Bathrooms: 1

    Area: 120 sq. m

    Yard: 5280 sq. m

    Exposure: South-East

    Floor/level: 2

    Fence: Stone

    Basement: 1 floor

    Ready/To be repaired/Demolished:


  • Characteristics:

    ☒Garage and parking space

    ☒Asphalt road;

    ☒ Current;


    ☒Septic tank;

    ☒Investment objective.

    ☒ Splints 2 pcs.


    Stone barn - 150 sq. m.

    Savantt - 130 sq. m. with furnace




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