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Operating Poultry Farm in Northeast Bulgaria

Operating Poultry Farm in Northeast Bulgaria


Proper Homes offers an exclusively operating business property with the purpose of being a poultry farm. The real estate has its own land of a total of 42,968 sq.m., and the total built-up area is 11,094 sq.m. The enterprise has:

10 sheds - chicken coops, for young and laying hens.


Building - Technical workshop - floor space = 420.00 sq.m


Building - Steam plant - zoning = 290.00 sq.m


Building - Filter - ZP = 293.00 sq.m


Building - manure storage - zoning = 2,683.98 sq.m


Building - air purification - floor space = 143.17 sq.m


Fertilizer shed - ZP = 30.00 sq.m



Building details:

Currently, most of the buildings are in very good condition.

Building #1 - Staff building: two kitchens, 4 furnished, 4 bathrooms with toilets, dressing rooms and canteen

Building #2 - Egg Processing and Packaging Workshop:

Sorting machine: Staalkat - Netherlands with a capacity of 11,000 eggs per hour,


Aspiration system for supplying fresh air,


air conditioner,




Staff recreation room, two changing rooms and two bathrooms.


Motors driving the sorting machine



Buildings #3, #4, #5, #6, #13 - stock carriers

Each of the buildings No. 3, 4, 5, 6 are of the same type and are equipped with 672 cages for goods carriers / of the company Salmet Germany/ located in 22 units. birds in a cage consisting of 6 batteries - 2 three-story, 2 four-story and 2 five-story, egg-bearing. The cages are equipped with a chute feeding system, trolley feeding of the feed - two-sided, a watering system in the middle of the cages, sufficient for watering the birds.

Automatic egg collection system


Automatic cake ejection system


Ventilation system-The whole system is controlled by a computer from the company Skov Denmark.


Each of the buildings has a control automatic control panel



Automatic cake ejection system.


Ventilation system



Automatic egg collection with control panel


Feeding and drinking system


Ventilation system


Own photovoltaic system;


Own generator, water source and substation.



Buildings #10, 11, 12 – growing stock carriers

Newly built enterprise for the production of organic poultry manure. A product that is available in the form of granules /85% dry substance/ using Japanese technology, which is new for the Bulgarian and Eastern European markets. The production of this type of poultry manure is completely organic with indicators rich in potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and sodium, being used in biologically clean and ecological agriculture.

The business has been successfully imposed on the market for over 20 years. The farm currently rears 300,000 young birds per year and 90,000 layers for egg production. Production machines and equipment are united in lines providing a closed and automated cycle for preparation, production, packaging and storage of eggs. Production equipment is installed in premises in accordance with the requirements of the production process. The premises have the necessary microclimate, air purification and circulation according to set parameters. The production equipment is in very good technical and operational condition.

The total value of the investment in the enterprise is over BGN 15,000,000. Managing the business is low commitment for the owner, thanks to the long-term trained staff in place. Possibility of business management after purchase. Quick return on investment.

For detailed information and inspections, please contact us on tel.: +359876821888 and quote Ref. No. 7834001.8

  • Details:

    Functionality: Poultry farm

    Location: Northeast Bulgaria, Targovishte district

    Total area: 42,968.00 decares

    Year of construction/reconstruction: from 1956 to 1979, renovation 2013, HC 2015.

    Degree of completion: Act 16

    Type of construction: prefabricated reinforced concrete, monolithic and metal





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